Dynamic Lighting Controller


SKU: SC230805

EAN: 6976158320939

Devices with “Red, Green, Blue” (RGB) lights can help users personalize their Windows experiences beyond the screen. With the latest feature update, Dynamic Lighting on Windows 11 enables users to control their RGB devices right in Windows Settings. They can use it to extend their Windows accent color onto the devices around them, synchronize RGB effects across devices from different brands and exercise finer control over how their apps control their device’s lights.

Introducing our revolutionary RGB LED strip controller, designed to seamlessly integrate with the dynamic lighting capabilities of Windows 11. This controller is a plug-and-play device, requiring no additional drivers or software installations. Experience the ultimate convenience as you effortlessly control your RGB LED light strips directly from the latest Windows 11 operating system.

With our compatible controller, you can easily customize and synchronize the lighting effects of your RGB LED light strips to match your mood, enhance your gaming experience, or create stunning visual displays. The intuitive user interface allows you to effortlessly adjust brightness, color patterns, and lighting modes, all within the familiar Windows 11 environment.


  • Plug-and-Play Compatibility with Windows 11

  • Win11 Dynamic Lighting Compatibility

  • Internal Motherboard Installation Support for Desktops

  • External USB Connection Support

  • USB-Powered

  • LED numbers modify


  • CE: SIT230905550301E

  • FCC: SIT230905550301F

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