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CM4 Mini-ITX Cluster

SKU: SC220403
CM4 Mini-ITX Cluster is a compact ARM cluster that unites six Raspberry Pi compute modules on a mini-itx motherboard.
It is fully compatible with kubernetes, apache hadoop, docker swarm, ceph and so on.


  • Size:170 x 170 x 21 mm Mini-ITX
  • 6 Raspberry Pi CM4 supported
  • 1 Gbps RJ45 x2
  • Onboard ON/OFF and Reset button
  • PC Case front panel header
  • 12V FAN Header x3
  • DC 12v~24V or ATX 12V CPU Connector
  • For every CM4:
    • PCIe Gen2 x1 (M.2 M-key) (Support NVME 2280 SSD)
    • Micro SD Card socket
    • 5V FAN Header
    • Micro USB 2.0
  • Only for CM4 1#:
    • USB Host A 2.0 x2
    • USB Host 2.54 4-pins x2
    • HDMI 2.0 x1
    • HDMI 1.4a x1
    • 3-PIN ARGB (5 V) (GPIO18 Support WS2812B Individually Addressable RGB (ARGB) LED )
  • Include 100W Power Adapter (UL/TUV/CCC/PSE/EK)

Block Scheme


CM4 Mini-ITX Cluster supports Kubernetes software ecosystem, as well as machine learning and serverless stacks


What can I do with CM4 Mini-ITX Cluster ?
  • Home server (homelab) and cloud apps hosting.
  • Learn Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, Serverless, Microservices on bare metal
  • Cloud-native apps testing environment
  • Learn concepts of distributed Machine Learning apps
  • Prototype and learn cluster applications, parallel computing, and distributed computing concepts
  • Host K8S, K3S, Minecraft, Plex, Owncloud, Nextcloud, Seafile, Minio, Tensorflow
Which Raspberry Pi models are compatible ?
  • CM4 Mini-ITX Cluster supports all Raspberry Pi CM4 with and without eMMC.
Does Raspberry Pi include compute modules ?
  • No, the product only have cluster motherboard and power adapter.
From where CM4 Mini-ITX Cluster boots OS ?
  • You can boot the OS either from eMMC, SD Card or netboot.
Does each node get its own IP address?
  • Yes
How the compute modelues communicate with each other ?
  • The nodes interconnected with the onboard 1 Gbps switch. And, each node has 1Gbps speed.
Do all the slots need to be filled in ?
  • The cluster works with any amount of nodes. You can start with a couple of nodes and scale when needed.
Can I flash compute modules through the board ?
  • Yes, you can flash a compute module using a Micro USB cable.
How do the NIC, Ethernet, USB, HDMI, and audio ports work ?
  • There are 2 USB-A an 2 USB 2.54 Pins on the board.They only connect to CM4 1$. The two HDMI ports are also the same.
  • NIC – There is an 8-port gigabit switch on the board. Each port goes to each node plus one uplink. Two RJ45 out are from the switch. You can use them connect to other network device without extern switch.
Can CM4 Mini-ITX Cluster function from either an ATX power supply 12V ?
  • Yes.