Mini Router

wisdPi mini router carrier board


wisdPi Mini Router is an expansion board based on Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4.

When connecting with a gigabit network card via PCle, it brings Raspberry Pi CM4 two full-speed gigabit network ports and offers better performance, lower CPU usage, and higher stability for a long time work compared with a USB network card.

Onboard 0.91 OLED screen. It will help you know the board status, such as CPU, MEM, Network and so on.

Not only Raspberry Pi CM4, wisdPi Mini Router also support some other RPi CM4 compatible modules, such as Radxa Rock3 Compute Module(CM3), Pine64 SOQuartz, BananaPi BPI-CM4 and so on.


  • Compatible Module: Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 series

  • 0.91" OLED Screen

  • Ethernet:

    • Eth1: Compute Module 4 Built-In

    • Eth2: PCIe NIC: RTL8111E

  • USB:

    • 1 x USB-C: Power and USB Slave

    • 1 x USB-A: USB 2.0 Host

  • Storage Card: microSD slot (Only modules without eMMC supported)

  • Power Supply: USB-C 5V/3A

  • Operating Temperature: 0℃~80℃

  • Dimension: 55x62mm/2.17x2.44”

Block Scheme


  • Any model of Compute Module 4 x 1

  • USB power adapter 5V 3A x1

  • USB-C cable

  • microSD card (It is recommended to use a Class 10 or higher card) If you use the eMMC model, you don't need a microSD card, but you need to prepare a USB-C cable for editing and burning eMMC

  • Network cable x2


wisdPi Mini Router is compatible with most systems that support Raspberry Pi 4, but most Linux distributions do not optimize the network device scenarios. So OpenWRT is recommended.


  • openWRT 21.02 wisdPi Release based on openWRT 21.02 stable version, repackaged after adding drivers and configuration files, suitable for beginners to get started quickly

  • ImmortalWrt wisdPi Release based on ImmortalWrt stable version, repackaged after adding drivers.

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