External power input

As a hardware engineer, I understand that the Raspberry Pi's power supply often has significant ripple, leading to a poor experience when using a HiFi DAC. To address this issue, our DAC allows users to connect an additional low-ripple power supply to improve the user experience.

Our DAC features a unique design that allows for a secondary power input to be connected via a separate power connector. This additional power input is specifically designed to provide low-ripple power to the DAC, resulting in a cleaner audio output. By utilizing this feature, users can significantly improve the audio quality of their Raspberry Pi projects.

With our DAC's additional low-ripple power supply input, users can enjoy a higher quality audio experience without the need for expensive external components. Simply connect a low-ripple power supply to the secondary power input and enjoy a cleaner, more refined audio output.

External Power requirements:

  • Voltage: +5V ±15%

  • Current:≥ 50mA

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