Quick start

Board Pinout diagram


wisdPi HiFi DAC has two line out connector. A double phono/RCA connector, normally red and white in colour, and a 3.5mm Line out Socket.

This output is a variable analogue signal (0-2V RMS) and can connect to your existing hi-fi (pre-amp or amplifier), or can be used to drive active speakers which have their own amplifier built in.

Phono (RCA)

  • White:LEFT audio

  • Red:RIGHT audio

3.5mm Line out Socket

Notice:When the 3.5mm jack is plugged in, the phono (RCA) will not output audio signal.

DAC Power Input Switch

wisdPi Hifi DAC board has a 3-pin switch, you can choose the power from RPi or external.

  • When the switch is toggled to 1-2, wisdPi Hifi DAC use Raspberry Pi +5V power from the 40 Pin GPIO header.

  • When the switch is toggled to 2-3, wisdPi Hifi DAC use external +5V power from the USB type-c jack.

System Setup

Volumio OS

From the Volumio Web GUI, i2s DAC choose: wisdPi Hifi DAC

After finish settings, then rebooot the Raspberry Pi.

Moode Audio Player

From the Moode Audio Player Web GUI, click on the Menu -> Configure into the system configure.

Click on the Audio tab, then select Named I2S device to HiFiBerry DAC+, then click the SET button. Then rebooot the Raspberry Pi.


From the piCorePlayer Web GUI, click on the Squeezelite Settings, then change the Audio output device settings settings to HiFiBerry DAC+(and Pro, AMP2), then click Save. Then rebooot the Raspberry Pi.

Raspiberry Pi OS

Due to enable drivers for wisdPi Hifi DAC in Linux ALSA system, add a following line in /boot/config.txt. Then rebooot the Raspberry Pi.


Raspberry Pi 5

If you need to support Raspberry Pi 5, you need to add the additional dtoverlay parameter as follows:


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